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Majke Jevrosime 19b, Beograd
Tel1:  +381 11 775 12 25

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Mister S organizes: Weekly Handicap Tournament, Best of the Rest, Six reds, ShootOut, Snooker Plus, Serbian National Championship, Belgrade Winner and Balkan Snooker League.

What has come out of this is a great deal of understanding of all the detours a player can take in the learning process. In addition to understanding, his experience allows him to guide his students on the right and shortest path, I would avoid using the term shortcut because of the possible negative connotation.


Marko Stoilković

Without any specific desire of Stoilković to become a snooker coach, it happened anyway. Of all the circumstances that directly and indirectly influenced this to happen, two facts stand out in particular as causes. The first is the moment when Dragan Stoilković took his son Marko to billiards when he was 12 years old, and the second is Marko’s suicide. From point A, which refers to his beginnings, to point B, which marks his current status, Marko traveled the most diverse paths, blazed new trails, paved the way, long and thoroughly. The reason lies in the fact that apart from his father in the initial phase, Marko never had a coach.

About Us

MS academy

In its full 7 years of existence, this school can boast that 130 students have passed through it and are still passing through it.

MS ACADEMI is a snooker school, founded at the beginning of 2017 by the four-time junior champion of Serbia in billiards and the four-time champion of Serbia in snooker and licensed VPBSA (World Pool & Billiard Snooker Association) coach, Marko Stoilković. After a full five years of work, MS Academi can boast of the fact that its students are the owners of three-digit breaks, champions of the Balkan Snooker League (the largest regional league in this part of Europe) five times (Vasilje Pešić), winners of national senior, junior and veteran championships as and many other club tournaments.
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The youngest participant is 6 years old, and the oldest is 73 years old. This large age range once again confirms the existence of a specific beauty of this sport.

MS academy

Enjoy in playing snooker

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working hours
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Pub quiz

Every Monday & Thursday - 19:30

PABKVIZ8X8 They are waiting for you every Monday and Thursday in the premises of the Mister S Snooker Club.

Maximum number of players per team (6), but you can be more than that without the possibility to compete for prizes.

In addition to the standard prizes, new, special ones await you.

Team building

The atmosphere of the club is ideal for all kinds of celebrations and gatherings, and we also organize various snooker programs.


Snuker se izmedju ostalog savršeno uklapa u kraft piva, vina, žestoka pica, cigare i tompuse.


Snuker ambient

Organizujte tematsku promociju vašeg proizvoda u neodoljivoj atmosferi našeg kluba.